WOW! Just WOW! To all you paper mache artists!

I have been wanting to try my hand at working with paper mache for years...

Like most people when I was a young child I can recall making some REALLY bad so called paper mache projects, usually with the dreaded colored tissue paper and white glue...yep, remember that? The dye would get all over your hands and clothes--typically I would end up with it in my mouth and it was no taste sensation.

SO in recent years I have admired the various paper mache creations by artists and I thought hey I have GOT to try that. Over the last few months I have been scanning blogs and watching online videos about the medium and how to techniques.

I found a wonderful blog on the topic BTW by the "monster guy" his creations are wonderful--dragons and various monsters etc (here's his website URL: He has some very informative videos about paper mache.

Well I am here to tell you...that monster guy may make it look REALLY easy on his videos, but today when I began my project it was sooooo NOT easy! LOL

I have an ornament started for the Halloween Queens coming soon ornament page on the selling blog BOOtique, although we'll see if it actually makes it there.

So far....About the only difference between this paper mache project and those I embarked on as a small child, is that as of yet I haven't gotten the paste in my mouth but hey the day is not over!

My hat is off to you folks who have tamed this medium!


DanMonsterMan said...

Well this is a surprise. I stumbled upon your blog. I was curious about your comments about a bad experience with paper mache. I was going to tell you to try again with some new methods, and there I was! This is Dan (the monster man) Reeder.

I know it's more work than it looks in the videos. But it is worth it. Let me know if I can answer any questions. I'm happy to help out.

Nice blog. Keep at it.
Good luck!

corbyscats said...

Thank you Dan!

Now I am the one that is surprised!

I am so honored that you checked out my blog!

Your blog and videos were great and your artwork is fantastic! In fact I found your info on paper mache to be the best I could find out on the web.

I was just trying to be humorous about my lack of paper mache skills in my last entry.
You are SO good at what you do, that you make it look too easy! lol

My creation that I started yesterday
(a Jack O'lantern in ornament size)is dry now and is not as bad as I initially thought it was going to be.

I had fun in any case and in fact managed not to end up with any of the materials in my mouth like I did when I was a kid lol

Thanks again for your response and all the wonderful info on your blog!


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