SO My cat was just trying to eat a computer cord...

I guess I don't have to rack my brain for a post topic any longer.

I was just sitting here poised at my PC, trying to think of something really useful, or profound, to write about...when I heard "crunch crunch crunch"

"WTH?" thought I...I turned around to look behind me and there was one of my cats (a certain Mr Hiram Pennypacker) merrily munching away on a keyboard cord, looking quite pleased with himself.

WHAT IS IT with my cats that they are constantly looking to munch on, attack, or lay on, the computers around the house--same goes for the TV remote!

My cats love anything giving off an electrical frequency (I guess?)


Kathy said...

LOL! How funny, just the other day on GMA they talked about how if you have cats to make sure you watch them around cords because the cat's can actually feel the currents going through them therefore they think it's something to play with. They did recommend you wrap your computer cords and tv cords with that plastic tube wrapping stuff. Just be sure to keep an eye on them, so they don't get electrocuted.

Bright blessings,

corbyscats said...


Thanks! Fortunately he seemed to lose interest over the last few days (thank God)

I have noticed though that they (I have other cats three to be precise lol) also seem to just love to lay on the TV remote?!? WEIRD! I wonder if they get a vibration off of the batteries in the remote?

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