Shopping Tip of the Day

If you have a Trader Joe's in your area they have wonderful artisan bread for 2.39 cents for a huge loaf (sliced or unsliced)

It's awesome tasting and freezes well.

Artisan bread for the price of the always gross wonder type breads? You can't beat it!

What am I doing here anyway?

Well I guess I have finally been forced into the *BLOGOSPHERE*

First of all I hope that I have spelled Blogosphere correctly, but if I haven't--this won't be the first time I look like an idiot right out of the gate!

I am a self representing artist who primarily paints Fat Cats (on every surface known to man!)
My fat cats are hanging out all over the United States and a few have even made their way to Canada and Europe.

When I am not painting I also like to cook... I used to love to cook but with food prices such as they are, it's not so enjoyable anymore, but I have learned some valuable tips in this HORRIBLE economy, which I hope to share when I get my act together and figure out how to navigate and organize my new blog.

I hope to have a little bit of everything here -- art, politics, cheap recipes--just whatever is rattling around in my head! (Reader beware lol)


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